Once you go Mac you never go back…

I’ve had my Mac for about 6 months now and I love it. I have to be sure to tell my husband how much I love him before I start talking about how much I love my computer. It’s just made my life so much simpler…and more beautiful. I never realized how much I hated ugly interfaces until I started using OSX. Now I dread having to use a PC.

To be fair, there are things I do miss about my HP laptop. I miss Picasa, the Google image library program. I have to admit I like it far better than iPhoto.

I also miss my right click button.

Here’s what I love about my Mac:

  1. I can visit websites without fear of spyware and such.
  2. It’s pretty and intuitive.
  3. I love the integration of all the apps.
  4. Quicksilver – an incredibly powerful launcher that continues to amaze me
  5. Automator – No more mundane tasks. I just create a customized app with a few clicks.

Those are just the top 5. I could probably list a hundred things. I’m sure Macs aren’t for everyone, but it sure has been a great switch for me. I could easily have purchased a pc with comparable specs for less than half of what I paid for my iBook. Even though I’m a penny pincher, I’ve never regretted my purchase for a second.


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