Great Project Management App

I’m a web designer by trade and I also happen to be a program junkie…if you haven’t noticed. I’m always looking for the best programs to solve all my problems.

One problem I had was managing all my clients, their information, invoices, to dos,  yada, yada.

Then I found Studiometry and I love it almost as much as my Mac. It actually prompted me to buy my mac because although there is a PC version, some of the really handy features are only available for Mac.

I can time my work on a project and then send an invoice with just a couple of clicks. Then in Studiometry I can easily see what invoices have been paid and which ones haven’t. I can also have all my most important client info – ftp, cms logins etc. in one place.

I tried lots of different programs, but this one was by far the best for my needs.


2 Responses to “Great Project Management App”

  1. 1 mo
    February 12, 2006 at 1:23 am

    what other programs have you tried? have you taken a look at basecamp? i’m a current basecamp user but am looking to move into something with more functionality and flexibility. i love the simplicity of basecamp. studiometry seems pretty slick to use but the fact that i couldn’t figure it out in 5 minutes (like i did w/basecamp) kind of frustrates me.

  2. 2 Kat
    February 12, 2006 at 1:51 am

    I tried dotproject and php collab but they were NOT user friendly and too slow.

    I tried basecamp, but I’m really picky about wanting all that important info in my grubby little hands on my grubby little mac. I just didn’t want to worry about not having access to all my info if my cable modem was down.

    The other cool thing about Studiometry is that it handles invoicing and heavy duty reporting.

    I admit, it does take a lot more getting used to, but it’s worth it because it just does so much more.

    Are you on a mac? If so, another tool that I’ve incorporated into Studiometry is OmniOutliner Pro with the kGTD plugin. Studiometry’s to do list stuff isn’t quite as robust as I’d like and OO with kGTD really fills that gap. I’m quite happy with my pm solution now.

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