The American Church has a Wedgie.

I’ve been reading over at Shaun Groves blog lately and it has been extremely thought provoking. He often asks questions that I’ve always been afraid to ask and he says things I’ve often been afraid to say. Reading his blog and reading Madeleine L’Engle books seem to have the same effect on me – they stretch me and challenge me. I don’t always agree with everything they say, but they make me really evaluate what I think and not just regurgitate the things I’ve been told all of my life.So, what does that have to do with the title of my blog? Well, one thing that’s been discussed is the recent article about Bono in Rolling Stone magazine. Several commenters wondered about Bono’s faith because of various statements he made, including the use of the “f” word and his reference to God as a “force.”

I completely understand where all of those people were coming from. About three months ago, I would have questioned how much of a Christian Bono could possibly be if he’s cussing and referring to God in rather vague terms. But now, I’ve been thinking that the American Church (as a whole) really just has a big wedgie. We’ve gotten so bent out of shape about the little things and have completely forgotten the big things. We’ve so familiarized and rationalized God, that we can’t handle anything outside of “the box.” I’m not say this to insult anyone personally, but more to comment on the state of the Church in America.

I’ve never cussed in my life (out loud anyway) because I was taught that cussing is a sin. So, this is really a revolutionary thought for me – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cussing. To speak negatively about someone else and to “curse” them is definitely wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything inherently sinful about certain words. If I said the “f” word in Uzbekistan, I don’t imagine anyone would be offended, because they’d have no idea what I was saying.

Here’s another revolutionary thought for me – I don’t think God is a He. Gasp! All my life I’ve been taught that God is most definitely a He and that to even question that is a bad almost sinful thing. Well, I’ve been thinking and I think that God is God and doesn’t need to procreate and therefore has no need for gender. God is not a he or a she. God is God and not limited by our standards. So, to call God a “force” is completely accurate. Now, I do refer to God as He simply because He loves us personally and intimately and wants us to know Him as our “Abba” Father. Saying, “My ‘force’ loves me, just doesn’t quite cut it.

Let’s not worry so much about others and what they say or do, let’s focus on Jesus and listen to what He says and wants us to do. One person focused on and following Jesus can make more of a difference in the world than one hundred people focused on Bono and trying to make him say and do what we want.

I challenge you to think outside of the “box” that you’ve been taught. God is amazing and mysterious. Unpredictable yet faithful. Unfathomably huge yet intimately small. Whatever you’ve thought Him to be, He’s more.

Thoughts anyone?


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