A New Way to Struggle

My life has generally been pretty easy. I had some tough times in my youth, but these day’s my life is pretty idyllic. It’s in stark contrast to those around me who seem to be endlessly facing various stuggles. I’ve often wondered why my life is so simple.

I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve decided that I never want to stop struggling. We often think of struggle in a negative sense. “She’s struggling with her weight.” “They’re struggling to stay together.” “I’m really struggling with sin.”

But why does it need to be defensive? Why do we tend to always look at it from the negative? If I’m struggling to lose weight, we’ll that’s a pretty sorry and low goal. It’s  negative goal. In essence I’m saying, I don’t want my weight to conquer me. Well, I don’t want to live like that. I’d rather say, “I’m struggling to run a 5k.” Yes, it’s just a matter of semantics, but semantics are important. Why bother to have negative goals? Turn them around and make them positive and inspiring.


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