Three Keys to Happiness…

My children are sick. We all have colds, but my eldest (a preschooler) has it the worst. She’s past the scratchy throat, runny nose part, but she has a terrible hacking persistant cough. It’s been keeping her up some at night and if you know anything about the preschool set, you know that lack of sleep = cranky kid.

So, while my eldest is usually quite the angel, we had some definite struggles today. As my husband was holding her and praying with her after a period of time out, I overheard him say, “Now remember, today we’re going to say yes mam and yes sir, we’re going to obey and we’re not going to whine.”

It struck me that what is true at 3 is really true for our whole lives. If we would just respect others, obey what God call asks of us and stop complaining about things that may not “seem” fair, I think that’s a guaranteed recipe for the good life.

My husband and I would have loved to have taken the kids out to eat at a fun restaurant today, but we didn’t because of all the whining and disobedience. We were disappointed because we really wanted to give them a treat.

I wonder if that’s ever true with God? I wonder if He’s ever sad because He had something good that He really wanted to give us, but we’re so busy complaining and ignoring Him that we miss it.


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