My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is that I will lay my head down at night and be the same person that I was when I woke up.

My greatest fear is that I won't grow or change today.

My greatest fear is that I'll get so caught up in life and in seeking comfort and rest that I will avoid the places and people that stretch me, challenge me, change me.

It seems to me that people grow and mature so much until about age 25 and then they start to stagnate. My greated fear is that I will stagnate.

I think I did for a few years. From about 23-26 I got caught up with work, life and trying to be a grown up and surrounded myself with lots of other people who's highest goal was comfort and the American dream. They were nice and they loved Jesus, but they didn't challenge me and I didn't challenge them.

So what did I do? My husband and I moved back to our college town and our college church. We still stayed stagnant for a couple years – we were quite consumed with having babies and living in a constant state of sleep deprivation. But even in those years, we were SO challenged to love someone other than ourselves, to give when we didn't think we could give any more and to love more than we thought was possible.

That season laid a foundation for all that God has been doing in our hearts this past year. It's been amazing. My heart has been so stirred. I've learned so much. I've been challenged and changed. I hope this season never ends.

That is my greatest fear.

So, what challenges you? What has stirred your heart? What has inspired you? A book? A movie? A verse? A song? Please share. 


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