A Great Quote from An Unlikely Source

I admit I am in no way a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s films. He may be a perfectly nice person, but the films I had to watch in college in my film class left me feeling very….slimed.

However, I just ran across a quote by Mr. Kubrick and I think is quite striking:

“If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered.”

That sentence right there, sort of sums up my blogging experience thus far. I talk about all kinds of things, (perhaps not brilliantly, but lets just say that quantity in this example can make up for quality) and I read about even more things. I’m questioned, challenged and my viewpoint is often refined.

But just because I now KNOW what to do, doesn’t mean I’m doing it. I’ve been convicted about that lately. I’ve been convicted about how much I seek comfort. Talking about doing things is much more comfortable than actually doing them. It’s easier to talk and analyze than it is to act.

I feel like God’s moving me toward action, but I don’t know what sort of action. I just know that I’m not content to seek comfort anymore.

I’m just taking baby steps right now. Actually, it’s less than steps it’s more like I’m finally just able to wiggle my toes. Walking is still a ways off.

My first step is to buy a new bracelet.


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