Bye, Bye Fear

Yesterday, my children and I were sitting in our driveway enjoying some suckers. Being that my kids are so little, they tend to get as much of the sweet stuff on their clothes, hands and hair as they do in their mouth…ergo eating in the driveway.

My 3 year old was sitting on her bike relishing this rare treat when suddenly she turned around and was face to face with a big, rather ugly dog that had apparently snuck up behind her. She screamed. My youngest does NOT like dogs and responded accordingly. When she saw the dog, she screamed and pretty much stood petrified in the corner.

I jumped up, grabbed both of my little girls in my arms and ran and took them to their daddy's office. Once they were safely in Daddy's arms, I marched back out to the garage, broom in hand, ready to take on this mongrel who would dare mess with my babies.

Fear was the last thing on my mind.


We encounter fear a lot in our daily lives, don't we? It's not always fear of physical harm. More often, it's fear of what other people are thinking.

Do they like my clothes? Do they think I'm smart? Do they think I'm cool? Do they understand me? Do they like me?

It can be paralyzing.

I wasn't afraid of the dog because I wasn't thinking about me. My children were the focus of my attention.

What if God was the focus of our attention? How different do you think we'd live? What would we do if we weren't concerned with our glory and reputation, but His?

What if we prayed everytime we left our house that we'd honor God in everything we say and do? What if we cared more about bringing fame to Him than being really funny or really cool?

What if we cared more about what God thinks than what people think?

I think we'd live a lot differently. I think we'd know real peace and freedom.

When God is the center of our lives, fear has no place. He is the eye of the storm. There is struggle and fear outside Him. But in Him there is perfect peace.

I'm not a poet or a songwriter, so I don't know what you'd call this. I guess it's just a collection of words that rhyme occassionally.

I Am The Center of The World

The winds they whip me around
and the more I try, the more I lose ground
I scratch at the dirt and reach for the trees
anything, anything that seems stable to me

my hopes, my dreams
they all fly around
in a dizzy array
as if, as if I have no say
but that’s just absurd
because haven’t you heard

I am the center
the center of my world
and everything I do
everything I see
is simply for the
betterment of me

but I find it’s so hard to stand
and it’s all out of hand
everything seems to be moving
outside of my plan
I reach for good things
as I see them fly by
but slowly, so slowly
I’m wondering if I

I am the center
the center of my world
if everything I do
everything I see
should really be for the
betterment of me

yes everything seems to be moving
in a different direction
it’s drawing me in
drawing me in
what will happen if I let go
what will happen if I let go
what will happen if I let go
what will happen if I just..
You draw me in to this glorious peace
so still, so quiet I hear my heart beat
I’m afraid to speak, but there’s so much to say
this amazing peace just takes my breath away

Oh You
You are the center
the center of this life
let the winds rage around
but I’ll never know
because you are the center
the center of my storm

so let everything I do
and everything I say
only ever be
for the glory
of your name


6 Responses to “Bye, Bye Fear”

  1. 1 FancyPants
    May 10, 2006 at 10:01 am

    Great poem, Kat. Beautifully written. I agree, that fear paralyzes us. That’s been one of the biggest battle of my life…overcoming fear. 2 Tim 1:7: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” And I think you’re absolutely right, it’s fear of what others are thinking. This is fear that will keep us from revealing our true selves. Keeps us from taking risks, pursuing dreams, being vulnerable, letting go, trusting God. So we make our own protective layer to cover up insecurities, instead of trusting God’s love for us. That He loves what He has made.

    Please God, not man. Live unto God, not man. God will delight in this. Thanks for the encouragement today!

  2. May 10, 2006 at 10:26 am

    Woo, I like what you’ve got going on, girl. Keep going. And yes, it is a poem.

  3. May 10, 2006 at 8:20 pm

    Another brilliant piece.

    I’d have to concur, in thinking about my own life, that fear drives way too much of what I will and will not say or do. And yes, mostly fear of being rejected, or made fun of, or misunderstood. It’s just foolish pride.

    But with the Lord’s help, I’m getting better.

  4. 4 Kat
    May 10, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    Great thoughts, FancyPants. (I'm sorry, that just makes me giggle everytime I write it. Can I call you FP when I'm writing something serious? If so, I hereby dub thee, FP.)

    Cach, so does that make me a poet? Cool.

    Hammer, thanks for the encouragement and sharing your heart. I admit I was a bit nervous to write this entry. I'm glad I did though.

    That's the great thing about blogging. It's like training wheels for being real with what you say. At least for me, I tend to be more real on my blog and a little more bold with what I share than I am in person in my day to day life. Maybe it's because I don't have to endure the empty stares of people who don't understand me or the critical looks of those who think I'm wrong or wierd. I don't know why, exactly, but sharing my thoughts here has certainly helped me to be less fearful and more real with the people that I interact with daily. 

    And being real is one of the most important things I strive for, because I think that it's when we're transparent that people see Jesus. When they see our "perfection" they can't see His.

    On a related note. How do you all think fear has affected the effectiveness of the Church? Do you think fear has affected the effectiveness of the Church? (i.e. Fear of what the other churches think. Fear of what the world thinks.)

    What do you think? What would the Church be doing differently if fear were not a factor? What would your church look like?

  5. 5 FancyPants
    May 11, 2006 at 5:16 pm

    Yes, you may call me FP when writing something serious, but ONLY when writing something serious. All other giggle appropriate times, it’s FancyPants. =-) Actually, some have taken to just calling me Fancy. I humbly receive thy dubbing me FP and will graciously respond to such a dub.

  6. 6 Marianne
    June 3, 2006 at 11:44 pm


    Thanks for directing me to your Favorite Posts! I landed on this one first and I love your poem. 🙂

    But I really love your paragraph above about blogging being like training wheels for being real about what you say. Excellent stuff there. I am surely bolder in blog. And learning slowly that sometimes that’s good and sometimes it may be not so good.

    I think in my church (a big church), if people had no fear of what others thought of them or said about them or how they looked at them, we’d have less meetings and committees. Don’t know why that comes to mind first but it does. Also, I think we’d leave the safety of our cliques and venture out to get to know other members – get to know their stories. And we’d feel more free to share our own. And THEN our church would look different because we’d no longer be as self-absorbed and we’d be doing so much more for people outside the church.

    That didn’t come out nearly as well as I planned. But maybe you can make a tiny bit of sense of it.

    Will be visiting and reading often!

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