Dental Update / Birthday Bash

O.k. So, my dentist get's even better. Last night at 7:50pm he called just to make sure I was doing well and not having any problems.

I only had a couple fillings. Not major surgery or a root canal.

I'm really liking this dentist. If you happen to live in the Central Texas area, the office is called Stonewood Dental and it's in Robinson. (I'm not affiliated with this dentist, nor am I getting kickbacks for this promo. What kind of kickbacks would a dentist give anyway? Floss for life? Extra goody bags?)

This has to be one of the most trivial posts I've ever posted. I promise to write something more interesting next week. I imagine I'll have some good material, because we're throwing a big birthday party for our girls tomorrow. 

55 people are coming. 25 of them are preschoolers. We have a 1600sf house.
Yes, we are insane. 

Please pray it won't rain or we'll all be stuck inside like sardines with lots of slippery octopi and monkeys.


3 Responses to “Dental Update / Birthday Bash”

  1. June 2, 2006 at 9:48 am

    What kind of kickbacks would a dentist give anyway?

    I’m guessing laughing gas. Lots and lots of laughing gas.

    Which would really come in handy for this weekend, by the sound of things.

  2. 2 FancyPants
    June 2, 2006 at 10:53 am

    Laughing gas ROCKS!

    When I was little and had to have a filling, the dentist called that stuff Snoopy Gas. I don’t really know why, but it made it even more fun. And when he would give me a shot he would say he was about to give me a “bubble.” And they would actually take a picture of this so called “bubble” for me to take home. I know, crazy, right? But it made getting those fillings actually….fun. ???

    Hey Kat, you know, I’ve never heard of a dentist CALLING you that night to make sure you’re OK. Hmmm, he wouldn’t happen to be SINGLE would he? I think he might have the hots for ya. I mean, think about it, what coul he really be checking on? To see if you no longer had the lopsided mouth after numbing shot syndrome?

    I don’t know……watch out for flirting dentists! =-)

  3. 3 Kat
    June 2, 2006 at 8:06 pm

    Fancy, Operamom had the same question, but I’m pretty sure he’s happily married.

    I think it’s just a really good dentist’s office. They have all kinds of cool gadgets, it’s obviously decorated by an interior designer and they seem to think of the smallest details.

    Like wifi!

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