Random Post: Why I’m Weird and the World Cup

I'm a rather weird girl. Here are a few reasons why:

I've always loved sports. In fact, we rarely watch anything besides sports in our house. (When March Madness hits, every member of our family (even our 1 and 3 year old) has a bracket filled out.)

I love technology. For mother's day last year, I asked for and received an 80gb External Harddrive. I was very excited about setting up my data backup system.

I don't scrapbook. Spas sound boring to me. The last time I bought makeup was two years ago. I spend all my clothes money at Best Buy.

I'm a soccer mom, but I'm the one who plays soccer.

Speaking of soccer, I am a happy camper at this moment. My kids are taking a good nap, the wifi is working and I'm watching the World Cup. This morning's game featuring Germany and Costa Rica was pretty exciting. If you blinked you might have missed that first goal.

Are any of you soccer fans? Who are you rooting for?

(sorry this is such a random post. we've spent the past few days at the beach and my brain isn't currently operating at a very deep level.) 


1 Response to “Random Post: Why I’m Weird and the World Cup”

  1. June 9, 2006 at 3:51 pm

    I enjoy a lot of sports (both playing and watching), but have been on somewhat of a “sports diet”, meaning not allowed to watch them as much as I used to, because my wife is not particularly interested in them.

    Well, I should clarify that — she has gone with me to football games (to see the Raiders, her team) and lots of baseball games (SF Giants) because it made for a nice date, a day out that we could spend together. But she is opposed (and frankly, it’s been a fruitful opposition) to me just sitting around all day watching sports on TV. I used to do that a lot before we were married, so I’m genuinely more focused and productive now.

    I am also a big technology geek, and have been for many years. I work in IT, so I’m around all the technology I can handle. But I think your point is that you’re a girl, and usually girls are not techno-geeks. My wife would be typical in that sense. Within about three seconds of me launching into a sentence with techno-speak, her eyes are glazed over and within a few more seconds, I’ve lost her attention completely.

    My wife is not like you as far as scrapbooking (she loves it, and does lots of arts and crafts projects), and she loves a day at the spa place getting facials and manicures and all that stuff, so I treat her to that as often as I can. She is frugal, and does do well with purchases of clothes and stuff like that.

    And soccer — no thanks. I can watch it maybe for about ten minutes or so before I become bored. I’m a typical American in that sense, I just don’t “get it” with soccer. I know the rest of the world is wild about it, but I’ve tried to be interested and I just can’t be. Sorry.

    So overall, yes. I’d have to agree with your self-assessment. You’re a rather weird girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

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