Replace Me

I love it when I feel like there is a river of ideas and thoughts rushing through me, changing me, smoothing my edges and changing my course. It hasn't been like that the past few weeks, though. I've felt dry. I've been busy. Too busy for God.

But tonight I very reluctantly went for a run (on a very hot Texas night) and prayed that He'd bring me back to the middle of that river where the Word is brimming with life, and I have a passion for prayer and a heart for the people around me and a desire for nothing more than loving Jesus and making Him known.

Mmmm….God is good. He did just that.

"Help me," I cried

and then You came down

like a warm, heavy quilt

surrounding me, reminding me

to lay my head


assuring me

that for every doubt, there is a greater truth

for every fear there is a quieter peace

for every hesitation, there is a greater revelation

of who you are

You are the One who speaks to the wind and the waves

You are the One who speaks to me today

Give me ears to listen and a passion to change

Renew me. Refresh me.

Destroy me. Rebuild me.

Remind me.

Replace me.

I feel the water rising. 

So on a scale of dry creekbed to raging river, where are you? Where do you want to be?


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