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Dental Update / Birthday Bash

O.k. So, my dentist get's even better. Last night at 7:50pm he called just to make sure I was doing well and not having any problems.

I only had a couple fillings. Not major surgery or a root canal.

I'm really liking this dentist. If you happen to live in the Central Texas area, the office is called Stonewood Dental and it's in Robinson. (I'm not affiliated with this dentist, nor am I getting kickbacks for this promo. What kind of kickbacks would a dentist give anyway? Floss for life? Extra goody bags?)

This has to be one of the most trivial posts I've ever posted. I promise to write something more interesting next week. I imagine I'll have some good material, because we're throwing a big birthday party for our girls tomorrow. 

55 people are coming. 25 of them are preschoolers. We have a 1600sf house.
Yes, we are insane. 

Please pray it won't rain or we'll all be stuck inside like sardines with lots of slippery octopi and monkeys.


He said, She Said

Her story:

We hadn't been married very long when it happened, I guess it was about 2 weeks. We'd come home from our honeymoon and we were working hard to get settled in our new apartment. We were chatting and laughing while hanging pictures and sifting through wedding presents, when my husband made an offhand comment about how he thought it would be sweet if I woke him up with a kiss. Being the great wife that I was (am) I filed that tidbit away in my brain for future reference and went on with the unpacking.

The future came about 10 hours later as the sun filtered through our cheap metal venetian blinds casting a horizontal grid on my sweet husband's sleeping face. I gently and quietly leaned over to give him a sweet kiss on his cheek and as I closed my eyes, suddenly, out of nowhere…

His story:

I've always thought it would be nice to be awakened with a kiss from my wife. I mentioned it to her when we got home from our honeymoon, but we were in the midst of unpacking so I didn't really know if she heard me or not. We continued moving in to our new apartment, moving boxes, moving furniture and getting everything squared away. I was pretty tired by the time I went to sleep and I slept like a rock.

Just before it happened, I remember barely stirring from my deep sleep. I was in that half asleep/half awake stage when I saw this dark shadow looming over me. What in the world?! What is that thing? Ghost?! Burglar?! Being the great husband that I was (am) I did what any great husband would do. I pulled my hand from under the pillow, reached over and gave it a good whap!

Her story:

Not what I was expecting.

His story:

Oops. Not what I was expecting.

Their story:

This is our favorite early marriage "What was I thinking" story to tell. We usually tell it jointly and he always slaps his hand in the air as an effective and hilarious visual aid.

I now have a nice football helmet on hand for waking him up with a kiss.


Weekend Funnies

My kids crack me up. Here are a few excerpts…
Example 1

The other day we were sitting at dinner and my 3 year old was drinking her milk. I turned to her and challenged, "Sweetie, do you know how to say milk in Spanish?”

With a look that seemed to indicate that I had insulted her intelligence with such a simple question she replied slowly and clearly, “Milk…in…Spanish.”

Example 2

My youngest (23 months) LOVES birds. Whenever she sees one, she yells something that sounds a lot like,"Booootie!"

Today, we were in the car and she said,"Booootie! Woof! Woof!”

Hmmm….we need to work on that.

Example 3

Every morning my 3 year old and I have little routine when she wakes up in the morning. We eat frozen go-gurts, sit on the bean bag in my closet and “spend time with God” – we read her devotion book, sing a couple of songs and pray. It’s a really sweet time and it’s my favorite part of the day.

The other morning we were reading about God’s riches. His blessings that He gives to us. As I was reading about God’s riches, she jumped up and said, “ I know God’s riches. I go get them!”

I really had no idea what she might be talking about and I was speechless with laughter just anticipating what her three year old mind had determined were “God’s riches.”

A few minutes later, she walked back into the closet and proudly said, “See, God’s riches!”

In her hands she held two plastic toy – wrenches.


Some In-Laws Stink

Not mine.

I've not been posting much the past couple of days because my sister-in-law is in town. I seriously have the coolest sister-in-law ever. As I type we're sitting here on my couch playing on our iBooks. She introduced me to the wonderful world that is Apple. That's reason enough to love her, but it gets better.

We have fun deep conversations, we go for runs together, we tell each other about our favorite music, and I get to hear all about her way exciting life.

She's a professional dancer, she rock climbs, she travels the world and she has the CRAZIEST things happen to her.

Did I mention that she does my dishes and watches my kids while she visits?

Yeah, she's the best sister-in-law ever.


Come And Listen…

I was listening to the David Crowder Band today and there's a song in which he sings:

"Come and listen. Come and listen to what He's done."

So I thought we could do that. Let's talk about what He's done.

My story is profoundly simple, but I think it speaks of the tender heart of God.

My little girl sleeps with a stuffed monkey. She adores her stuffed monkey, whom she has creatively named, "monkey". About a month ago, monkey disappeared. We could not find him anywhere. We turned the house upside down.

Every nap and every bedtime, we'd ask her if she wanted another animal, but she didn't want to sleep with anyone but monkey. I even tried to give her my old teddy bear, but she just said, "Thank you Mommy, but he's not my monkey."

She was pretty sad, but she was being brave.

A few days after monkey's disappearance, we were reading a little devotional book and suddenly in the middle of the story, she said, "Mommy! God's the only one who knows where monkey is. Maybe we should pray that God will help us find monkey."

I told her that was a great idea and she proceeded to pray the sweetest little prayer.

Now, we had been looking for days and had turned the house upside down and we couldn't find monkey, but just a little while after her simple prayer, my husband was cleaning up our room and randomly decided to look in a drawer that we NEVER put anything in. Low and behold, there was monkey.

When my daughter saw him, she said, "God helped us find monkey!"

He has the power to calm the raging seas with a word. He holds the keys to life and death. And He cares about my little girl's stuffed monkey.

What an amazing God we serve.

This is my simple story of the goodness of God. What's yours?


Mother’s Day Redeemed

Mother's Day was always my least favorite holiday. I dreaded seeing all the sappy commercials and newspaper ads with the idyllic pictures of moms and daughters. I didn't like watching all the other families celebrate their moms.

I never knew my mother. She died when I was only a few months old. I never knew what it was like to have a my mom fix my hair. I never dressed up in her clothes as a little girl. I never had an argument with her and I never gave her a hug.

In my mind I had the perfect mother, though. I put together the bits and pieces that my dad and grandparents shared about her and wove that together with my own dreams. She was beautiful and gracious. She loved Jesus and her family. She was kind and gentle and giving. She could sing like an angel.

She does sing like an angel…

Isn't it funny how someone I never knew has shaped so much of who I am? A mother's impact in her child's life is profound.

All my life I thought I'd never know the mother-daughter relationship. It always seemed like such a mystery to me. I was always the outsider looking in and dreaming. I'd see mothers and daughters talking or shopping or playing together and I was so jealous.

Not anymore. I'm the mother now and Mother's Day is my favorite holiday. I love the extra hugs and kisses. I love having a whole day to be thankful for my girls. I love having a reason to celebrate.

Nothing has seemed like such a sweet gift from God as this gift of my precious little girls. It's as if He saw me growing up and finding Mother's day to be so bittersweet, and He was whispering to me, "Just wait, my girl. Have I got something special for you. Just wait."


Coming Out Of The Closet


Early yesterday morning my family had some “bonding” time as we spent the better part of an hour in or within jumping distance of our linen closet while we listened to the tornado sirens blare and the winds rage outside.

I’d only had to respond to a tornado warning once before when I was in college. It’s pretty fun then – I just hung out with a couple hundred of my dorm friends in the first floor hall until the director gave the all clear. We brought snacks, played games and had a grand old time.

It’s a little different with kids. We made sure they had toys to play with and that we had some fun music playing. Most people just prepare flashlights and radios during a tornado warning – we were busy preparing sippy cups, graham crackers, and finding each of our kid’s special stuffed animals and/or blankets.

They all did really well hanging out in the closet, though. We sang songs and made up stories. We actually had a pretty nice time…

One of our kid’s friends came over the next day and all the kids talked about the big “tomato” that was outside.


Another funny story is that the news reported a girl who had been driving through town when the storm hit. Her car was being pushed around and visibility was near zero. The radio was telling her to take cover, but nothing she could see was open. She was near the mall, so what did she do? She went into J.C. Penney.


She drove her car throught the glass doors of the mall and into J.C. Penney.