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My Personal DNA

Personal DNA is a fun, fancy personality test. Here's my Personal DNA. It seems to pretty much be spot on for me.

So, what's yours?


My Turn: Word Association: Ross Perot

Hero. Lifesaver. Godsend.

I'll tell you why I associate these words with good 'ole Mr. Perot after I get back from a pre-Memorial Day Texas Style BBQ – Mmmmmm……..  

You all (or rather, y'all) doing anything for the holiday? 


What Does It Mean To Be Free?

Something that's been on my heart lately is freedom. I feel like in the past 6 months or so, I've really experienced freedom. There's nothing weighing me down. There's just a sense of awe that God has a plan and I'm part of it.

I'm not so concerned with what people think, what I should be doing, what I shouldn't be doing or what others expectations are of me. My primary concern is to listen to God and to feel His hand on the small of my back as He gently leads me throughout my day.

John 8:32 says,"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."

The truth is that all that matters in this life is God. Period.

The truth is that there is not one single thing that you can do today that is more important than sitting down and spending time with Him. Not because it's something you're supposed to do. Not because it's a rule or a requirement, but because the God of all creation wants to wrap His arms around you and tell you who you are. He wants to lift the burdens from your shoulders. He wants to give you purpose and vision. He wants you to live life today the way He meant for you to live…with passion and hope.

The truth is that you are precious. I have two little girls and I love them more than life itself. The idea that God sent His son to die for me is almost unfathomable, but what's even more unfathomable is that we so often don't walk in the freedom that His death provided.

The truth is that you ARE free. If you've chosen to follow Jesus, His death freed you from any chains that once held you. Maybe you're afraid to walk away, maybe you don't really believe that you can. I challenge you to write down a list of the things that you don't feel free from. Every morning when you pray, tell God that you need help believing you are free and walking in freedom from those things. Then as you face them throughout the day, recognize that you have a choice and ask God to help you make the right one.

There is an amazing freedom to be found in God and in that freedom there is such purpose and passion for even the most seemingly mundane moments in our lives.

So rise up. Walk with Jesus today and leave your chains behind.

"Shake off your dust;

Rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem.

Free yourself from the chains on your neck,

O captive Daughter of Zion."

Isaiah 52:2


The Million Dollar Question

The Cachinnator posed a question over at Shlog (did I really just write that? Is that English?) that has been bouncing around in my head. 

"Why aren't we the boldest leaders and the most attractive engaging artists in the world?"

Jesus was. Why aren't we?  

I'm just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if part of it is that we've created such a secure subculture for ourselves and such a specific desciption of what a Christian does or does not look, act, sound, dress, speak or live like that we've often surpressed or alienated many of those whom God have truly gifted with creativity or leadership. I'm not a music historian, but stories of Bob Dillon spring to my mind here and maybe Bono.

Those are just some of my thoughts. What are yours?


Acceptable Sin?

Let me start by giving my definition of sin. I don't see sin in a Bible beating "YOU'RE WRONG!" kind of way. I see sin as something that gradually hardens our hearts to the voice of a loving God.

So, what is acceptable sin? This is something I've always wondered about.

I recently watched a PG-13 movie that, at the end, I said,"Oh! That was great!" It was a romantic comedy and I was excited that "there wasn't too much junk in it." However, in that hour and a half, I listened to, watched and emotionally participated in a movie that had all kinds of stuff that I would never participate in – in real life. Is the story worth it? Why is that ok?

Why is it ok to watch actors do things or say things that we would never want to do?

Or is it?



5 Minutes of Fame and 10 Diaper Changes Later…

and I'm still the same old Kat.

Yes, my blog hits have quadrupled (now 4 people read my blog) and in the past 24 hours I've been called dynamite, a genius and best of all – a rock star.

Yesterday, I thought, "I'm getting tons of hits from people who are expecting this site to be chocked full of great music marketing ideas and tips and works of "pure genius". I've got to be professional and creative…..and maybe I should create a whole web site dedicated to indie web marketing and then I'll write a book and then I'll be on Oprah and then I'll be "doing lunch" with rock stars from New York to LA…..then……"

"mama….I need potty…"

Then…I came back to reality.

…and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

There's something wonderful about contentment, isn't there?


Ultimate Survivor: Suburbia – The Grocery Store with Children Challenge

They should create a new season of Survivor called Survivor: Suburbia.

It would only last 7 hours, from 6:00am when the participant is rudely awakened by a small body propelling itself onto theirs while yelling in an attempted whisper, "Mommy!!! Are yooouuu awwwaaaaakeee?!!!!", to 1:00pm when the reward isn't a million dollars, but rather a 2.5 hour nap. A glorious, I-couldn't-survive-if-my-kids-didn't-take-a-2.5-hour-nap nap.

I imagine that one of the challenges would be The Grocery Store with Children challenge. The participants would be required to shop for a list of 120 items with an additional 30 items that must be remembered, but not written down.

To prevent any harm to real children, participants will have to carry in a slippery octupus (to simulate an infant) and a deaf monkey, the howling kind (to simulate a toddler – who is apparently deaf to all parental commands). They have to be carried in from the back of the store parking lot because a car full of teenagers will take the only close up parking spot. A severe penalty will be imposed if either the octupus or monkey are dropped.

At this point, the participant needs to select a cart:

  • Fun Car Cart – far too small to hold all 150 items needed from store, but may keep slippery octupus and howling, deaf monkey calm and quiet while shopping.
  • Limo Cart – It has a seat area on the front for children (or in this case – primates and invertebrae), and it will hold all items needed on list. However, this cart is difficult to maneuver as it is about 47 feet long.
  • Standard Cart – This cart offers a large basket as well as straps to help confine the participant's monkey and octupus, but said passengers, will be located in close proximity to the participant. Participant may be subject to physical protests from passengers in the event that passengers select an item from the store that is not on the list and must be returned to the shelf. Participant may be kicked, hit or sprayed with ink.

Once the cart has been selected, the participant will begin shopping, at which point, the slippery octupus will extend all appendages and continually grab unwanted items and put them in the basket and knock other things off the shelves. Meanwhile the deaf, howling monkey will begin howling at 120 decibels. Participant must be able to make wise financial and dietary purchases while attempting to contain the octupus and trying to minimize the sound level of the monkey. A smile and happy voice must be maintained through out the challenge.

Each participant is given two treats to use to alleviate the mischeif of their animal passengers. Timing the use of these treats is crucial. Too early, and the participant is left without a bargaining chip. Too late and the "children' may be past the point of appeasement. When the participant determines that the time is right, she pulls out a squid and a banana and gives them to the appropriate animal.

Since all reality shows have a disgusting element and few children finish all of their snacks, both the octupus and howling, deaf monkey will return one third of their respective snacks for the participant to either:

  • carry for the remainder of the challenge
  • or stuff in their pockets

Finally, the participant will arrive at the checkout line – aka "The Gauntlet of Fire." At this point, the slippery octupus will be feverishly reaching for M&M's, Butterfingers, Reeses Pieces while knocking beef jerky and lip balm on the floor. The participant must replace all displaced items to their respective boxes and the octupus must be removed from the cart and held by the participant. In protest, the octupus will flail its appendages and then spray ink all over the participant's clothes.

Meanwhile, the howling monkey will be ramping up to 150 decibels and the person in front of the participant will have 5 items needing a price check. Again, participant must maintain a smile and happy voice.

The winner of The Grocery Store with Children Challenge will be the participant who emerges from the store – sane and with two living and unharmed animals.